Trial of president's son

01, Sep 2014 / SURINAM / 118 Words

Keesing’s Record of World Events (Formerly Keesing’s Contemporary Archives 1931-2014)
Volume 60 (2014), Issue No. 9 (September), Page 53562

At a US federal court in New York on Aug. 29, Dino Bouterse, the son of President Désiré “Desi” Bouterse, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, firearms, and terrorism charges, the Caribbean360 website reported on Sept. 4. [For arrest in August 2013 see p. 52834.] US prosecutors charged Bouterse with the terrorism-related offence in November 2013, following a “sting” operation by undercover US agents during which he agreed to accept an initial US$2 million payment in exchange for supplying operatives of Hezbollah—a designated terrorist organisation in the USA—with false Surinamese passports, weapons, and Surinam-based property from which to plan attacks against US and Dutch targets. He was scheduled to be sentenced in January 2015.